#7075, 2.5oz.


CRYSTAL-GLO® Helmet & Visor Polish deposits a super-protective acrylic coating that fuses to the surface, fills the microscopic pores, improving the appearance, quality and durability of your helmet’s finishes.

Composed of many of the same protective properties as clearcoat (the coating applied after painting), this acrylic protection keeps your helmet’s finishes strong. Acting as a barrier to protect against minor chips, scratches and accidental abrasions. On visors - dramatically improves visual clarity & repels water

CRYSTAL-GLO® Helmet & Visor Polish also provides long-lasting broad spectrum UVA/UVB Protection (S.P.F. 30). With regular use it will prevent discoloration, fading, chalking and/or yellowing.


Protective acrylic    shield that allows    insects, dirt and    grime to wipe off,    easily.

Safe on all helmet,    visor, and windshield    finishes, including    Lexan®.

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