#4000, 16oz.
#4001, 34oz.


CRYSTAL-GLO® Acrylic Total Wash is a concentrated shampoo for your motorcycle that gently deep cleans, attacks grease, and lifts off dirt. Even removes brake dust. Once dried, there are no water spots or streaks, just a sleek, eye-pleasing crystal-clear shine.

With every wash, active corrosion fighting agents are added to the surface of your motorcycle. Contains the same acrylic protection in a less concentrated form as that at work in Crystal-Glo Acrylic Motorcycle Polish.

This is not your ordinary bike wash. When you're lathering up your bike with its soft satin suds, you'll enjoy its sweet aroma, appreciating fully the exceptional distinctiveness of this CRYSTAL-GLO®  Acrylic Total Wash


Environmentally    friendly.

Non-acidic, contains    no abrasives, no    bleach, no detergents,    no harsh  chemicals.

Will not strip wax.    Safe for even the    most delicate finishes.

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