#3000, 8oz. Spray Bottle


CRYSTAL-GLO® Leather & Vinyl Treatment deep cleans, conditions, and protects your leather apparel, saddlebags and rubber trimmings. Revitalizes natural richness, suppleness and color depth, without the mess of any greasy, oily residue.  Keeps your leathers looking new and smelling fresh.  Also provides long lasting UV protection (SPF 30) to prevent fading, whitening and cracking. Protects all leathers, vinyl, rubber, and rigid plastics.  Not greasy or oily.  No residue.  

CRYSTAL-GLO® Leather & Vinyl Treatment is easy to apply, just spray on and wipe down to a rich natural finish.  Anti-static properties repel water, salt, and dust.


Where to use
Works excellent on all Leather (saddlebags, apparel, seats, etc.), Vinyl, Rubber, and textured plastics (dashboards, bumpers, etc.).

Long-lasting UVA/
    UVB (SPF 30)     protection.


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